Upgrading to Node 8.1.1 / CNTOOLS

Can I see your config file?

Make sure you meet the requirements for your Nodes.


The config.json?

Yes, the config.json

Screenshot from 2023-07-01 13-15-26

Please try

cd $CNODE_HOME/scripts 


Compare with mine:


After comparing, its identical. I changed the quotes on the ConwayGenesisFile so now the type color matches exactly.

I had “TraceMempool”: true,

Good Catch, Ive changed it to True
Im running ./deploy-as-systemd.sh
side question, When asked…blockPerf.sh script update(s) detected, do you want to download the latest version? (yes/no):

Should I say Yes?

Yes, if you want to update to the latest script.

OK. This is the error I get when attempting to /deploy-as-systemd.sh

latest sc

When I type
journalctl -e -f -u cnode (to check for errors)
I Get:
Conway related : There was an error parsing the genesis file: /opt/cardano/cnode/files/conway-genesis.json Error: “Error in $: object key > 34: Failed reading: satisfy”

Please check your conway-genesis.json file


Node is syncing (fingers crossed)
It turned out that I didnt put the right amount of spacing before “genDelegs”
I cant thank you enough for the help.
Im assuming I can repeat the same steps for the Block Producer as well?

Yes, the same steps for the Producer node.

Thank you again.

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After upgrade is there a longer wait to sync?
Its been about an hour and the relay still hasn’t synced.

yes it can take up to ~6 hours. depends on your CPU’s.

You can check with following command :

tail -10f …/logs/node0.json


Yes, It takes mine a long time to synced up.

You can try to download the snapshots below.

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I think Ill leave it. As long as it syncs today.