URL based relay displaying error on Adapools


Yesterday I submitted a new certificate for the pool with this modification:

certificate with URL

  --single-host-pool-relay https://relay1.domain.com \
  --pool-relay-port 6000 \

instead of the IP option.

The subdomain relay1 is already set up and pointing to the desired IP address.

Adapools now shows the relay as disconnected on the About section.

The new certificate pledge will kick in on April 15th and it is correctly displayed. Info from metadata hasn’t changed but the relay info did and it is showing error.

Do I need to wait or submit another certificate?


What is the pool ticker?

What may be wrong here is the https protocol part as it’s not relevant to node communication.

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You’re right, I should not have included https in the certificate.

First time doing this with URL instead of IP. Seems much more flexible.

I’ll submit another certificate.

Thank you @mcrio

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I resubmitted the certificate without https protocol and it is now displaying correctly (green) on Adapools.
Thank you @mcrio

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