Used ChangeNOW to swap XMR to ADA and now it is gone

Hi, I used changenow to swap some (small amount) XMR (from binance) to ADA (hardware wallet) however the ADA isn’t showing up in my wallet and the XMR hasn’t been returned to Binance. I doubled checked each address and I am sure they were correct. So far I have left it 10 hours and nothing, I assumed the whole network was conjested.

I was just wondering if anything similar has happened to anyone, not a huge amount so not a large loss but still annoying.

Thanks a lot.

ChangeNow should have provided you with an ADA transaction ID. You can use that tx id to look it up in an explorer like . If the tx_id ChangeNow provided is not in the explorer then ChangeNow never successfully sent the funds.


Hello, we are sorry to hear about the unsatisfactory experience you’ve had with our service.
Our customers’ happiness is our top priority and that is why we would like to investigate this situation.
Could you please send us your transaction ID, so we could look into it? Thank you in advance!

You can also contact our support team directly at, they are always ready to help!

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Late reply but I contacted customer service and found out there were technical problems with their exchange. I got my funds through.

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Okay, thank you for letting us know about it :slight_smile:
We’ll make sure to improve our service, so this never happens again and your next experience with us is absolutely flawless!
You are always welcome back on ChangeNOW :slight_smile: