Useful resources to run and operate a Stake Pool on Beta/Nightly Testnets

Jörmungandr Guide (by IOHK)
Jörmungandr User Guide (by IOHK)
Jörmungandr Docs Github (by IOHK)
Shelley Incentivized Testnet: Technical (by IOHK)

Guide for stake pool operators (by IOHK)
Explaining the Shelley Incentivized Testnet incentive model (by IOHK)
Unofficial List of Staking Pools (by Community)
Rewards Calculator

Incentivized Testnet Stake Pool Registry (by Cardano Foundation)
Stake Pool Operator Questionnaire (by IOHK)

Releases | Docker Images

Setup Node/Pool (by Cardano Testnet)
Setup Node/Pool (by IOHK Support)
Setup Node/Pool (by Chris Graffagnino)
Setup Node/Pool (by
Setup Node (by Cardanoland)

Genesis Hash + node-config.yaml

Official Scripts
Non-Official Scripts

Jörmungandr-Nix Package
Jörmungandr-Chocolatey Package for Windows

Official Faucet
Non-Official Faucet



Jörmungandr Explorer (Beta Testnet)
Jörmungandr Explorer (Nightly Testnet)

Stake Pool Management Tools (by IOHK)


Fenrir (by IOHK)
OxHead (by Leo)
Kongo (by
Casper (by Kodex Data System)
Selley Monitoring (by ilap)
BlockDate (by

Video tutorial: Cardano Testnet v0.7.0 installed on Linux Ubuntu 19.10 Desktop

Shelley Testnet Information Links
IOHK Cardano Weekly Development Reports

IOHK Support Request


How different is setting up a pool for the testnet vs the mainnet?
Will pool operators for the testnet simply transition their pools to the mainnet?
If I would like to create a pool for the testnet, must it be ready when the testnet launches, or can I participate at a later date once my testnet pool is up and running?

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You can now update the link for ‘Genesis Hash + node-config.yaml’

To the following which automatically redirects to latest versions:


Quick question…What is the difference between the Beta and nightly testnet? Do you need to run both?

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Both are different chains, like different universes. It depends on your needs, knowing that the nightly network is used for the latest developments just entering the testing phase, while the beta network is used for more refined instances of the development of a piece of code.

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