Using Artificial Inteligence to Learn Haskell

Just want to mention that as I go through the IOG Haskell course I am asking that new AI Chatbot about the things I don’t understand.

It is giving me high quality answers.
For instance I asked the following about code in lesson 9:

Please explain the following two lines of Haskell code.
data Box a = Empty | Has a deriving (Show)
box = Has (1 :: Int)

The following was the answer:

In Haskell, the data keyword is used to define a new data type. The Box a syntax defines a data type called Box that takes a type parameter a. The deriving (Show) part at the end specifies that the Box data type should have a default implementation of the Show typeclass, which allows values of this data type to be converted to a string representation.

The Box a data type is defined with two possible values: Empty and Has a. Empty represents an empty box, while Has a represents a box that contains a value of type a.

The second line of code defines a variable called box with a value of Has (1 :: Int). This creates a Box Int value that has a value of 1 inside it. The :: Int part is called a type annotation and it specifies that the value 1 should be treated as an Int rather than some other type.

I received the answer immediately and it was just the help I needed to move forward.

I wonder if this might help a lot of other people like me who need to ask a lot of questions but feel timid about asking for help.

It might also help anybody who wants answers quickly.
The down side is that there is no community record of the question when asking an AI.