Using Marlowe to Fix the Retirement Crises with Tontines - Inflation Proofing Income in Retirement!

Could a Marlowe contract be designed to take tontines which could protect members against the effects of inflation in retirement ? Quoting from an Article written by by JOHN MANGANARO ‘‘Modern Tontine Theorists’ Have Ideas for Retirement Savings Decumulation 18 April 2019 ’ Tontines are a type of historical annuity structure that was first put into well-documented practice as far back as the 1600s. Commonly, tontines were used by governments to fund wars or other foreign exploits, especially in France and the United Kingdom. One unique feature of early tontines was that they were often structured as closed “syndicates,” meaning that once a tontine money pool started paying out income streams, the size of the income stream going to the individuals grew each time one member of the syndicate died. By the same token, payments stopped when the last syndicate member died. The practical effect of this was that the income streams from tontines tended to start out modest and then grow to be quite large for the select few people who survived longest among the syndicate membership. The system basically had a sum of income that would stay the same each year, but it was being paid out to a shrinking group of people over time.’ Perhaps an ADA app could be designed to verify whether an individual tontine member is alive i.e once a month id checking. through an oracle… To see how a tontine could work see Dean McClelland on Real Vision Finance


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Dean was/is interested in building on Cardano. I believe he is using Haskell anyway for most of the programming. My impression after talking with Dean is that he was having a hard time getting help/coordination from IOHK for integration. He wasn’t upset, but just having a hard time breaking through and knows IOHK is busy. After my last conversation with him, he still seemed open to Cardano but was currently getting a very warm reception from another significant blockchain. I don’t want to lose Tontine Trust to another blockchain. Is it possible for IOHK to see what they can offer and facilitate with Dean?


Hi Sailguy,
Maybe Catalyst could be the way to go.

Could this project became a proposal?

They are interested, yes.