Vasil Hardfork-Stake Pools Question

Hello guys,
I would like to educate myself about something if you let me ask:
On this site you can see that vasil(v7) is at 29%, <=pre-vasil(v6) is at 71%, as far as I know 75% is needed, but from which exactly, which should we monitor?
Also, is there a graph somewhere that shows us the same but for the exchanges (are they ready for this update)?Thanks!

More than 75% of blocks have to be produced by Vasil / v7 / node version 1.35.x in order for the hard fork to be triggered (it will then take another full epoch, until the hard fork really happens).

As far as I know, it is not really defined if that is 75% of the blocks of a whole epoch or 75% in one, two, three, … days. reports 30% blocks in the last two days and reports 24% blocks in the current epoch (which ends in a few hours). These numbers have to go up to 75%.

Don’t know about the state of exchanges and dApps. I think that I think dApps not being ready would have spoken up until now, but exchanges probably prefer to speak to IO directly and not to the chaotic crowd.

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Thank you very much, but at the moment the data seems quite far from what is needed to implement the hard forg (and I was hoping it would happen by the end of August), should this 75% happen in a single epoch or is it combined with all subsequent epochs?

It is a percentage. If it is combined with previous epochs, it will be lower, not higher.

As far as I have heard, they have taken 75% of the blocks produced in one day on previous forks. But a whole epoch would somehow be the more natural period.

If the last tests are successful, it could go quite quick – real quick would be 10 days from today (75% reached during next epoch, update proposal issued in 5 days, fork one epoch after that), but could also be 15 or 20.

Ok, let me understand that according to your forecasts, if there are no other unforeseen circumstances, in the most skeptical version, it may take another max 20-25 days?Was an epoch 5 days?

Yes an epoch is 5 days. We have to reach 75% in one epoch (according to some measurement by IOG). Then an update proposal can be issued at the end of that epoch. And then the hard fork will be one epoch, 5 days later.

Ok,thank you very much :slight_smile:

What happens to those pools that have not updated? At the moment there are about 10% of pools running older versions than 1.34.1.

Once the hard fork is done, they will no longer be able to participate. A hard fork is a change in protocol. The versions before 1.35 do not speak that protocol and won’t know what to do with the new blocks.

Is there an option to check if my stake pool(where I’ve delegated my funds)is running older versions than 1.34.1 and what will happen with my funds then(nothing right)?

I heard or read somewhere (can’t recall where now) that the 75% metric is calculated from the last block produced by each stake-pool and weighted by percentage of blocks produced by each stake-pool in the epoch.

I interpret this to mean that if you upgrade your block-producer towards the end of the epoch and produce your last epoch block with it then all blocks produced by your pool in that epoch will count in the calculation.

I think the need for exchanges to upgrade will the factor we’ll have to wait for the longest (unless pools stop upgrading to 1.35.3 all of a sudden).

Your tokens are not in the pool so no worries nothing will happen to them. I don’t think that there is an easy way to check node version of the pool. If there were I believe would show it.

Thank you guys,I hope we will see Vasil Hardfork soon :slight_smile: