Vote count validation

I’m not skeptical of the voting process, I just have to ask the following question out of curiosity: how can we validate the voting process, how do we know the voting results that are c.q. will be reported (i.e. the vote counts) are valid? Thanks.

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Great question. My understanding is that its written to the blockchain from the voting app, so should be visible to all. But i have no idea how you go and interrogate it.

Maybe each proosal is given a separate address and then sll the voters sre minted voting tokens based on ADA available in wallets at the checkpoint count.

If you cast a vote for a proposal then the tokens are transferred to the proposals address. Hence why you cant vote again once you commit on that proposal. But we have to factor downvotes… so either a separate type of token or one with a negative value is transferred.

All speculation though, so assume someone else can explain in detail and where we need to look.