Waleet login issues

Hello guys I have downloaded the cardano wallet but after setting up everything its just connecting to the server since hours what to do??

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Try this log off your page .

Right click your desktop deadleous image and open files . Ones your in files type bat into the search bar

Batch files will appear probably about 4.
Double click the first one .

And load it that way should be quicker .

It takes a while on the first go so don’t worry after that it’s fast .

Have done that but its still on network connection screen is there any other advice ??
Appreciate any help

If it’s the first time I know how hard it is to be patient but when it’s done least it’s done .

Mostly all the other times you log on after the first initial setup it’s slwats at 98 percent in mine and takes a few minutes everyday .

Hope you get it sorted ,

Some other more experienced team member might be able to help you more

try this it should help. Cheers

i don,t know how long it did take by you …but i,m already waiting for 6 hours…this is a big issue that they have to solve

Reset your computer and try again. Or try to ask on reddit as well there
are a lot of people happy to help there.

reset was the first option to think about but that didn,t work,the second option was to mail https://daedaluswallet.io/faq/ but the email of this site isn,t working also… maybe a bug or something…do you have problems to open your wallet?