Wallet error restore balance

[The restore wallet from your recovery phrase is empty. Please check your recovery phrase and try to restore the wallet again. I have the balance in the byron wallet correctly enter the recovery phrases to restore my balance to the shelley wallet and e throws that error that I can do, I do not have windows 8.1 to use deadulus

You can only participate in Incentivised Testnet (ITN) - rewards of which will end in 6 days, if you had funds part of snapshot taken on 29th Nov 2019.
If not, you will be able to participate in August on mainnet.

So, I only have to leave my ada in the byron wallet until the next participation and from there I would let my Byron balance synchronize to shelley tesnet. true?

have to leave my ada in the byron wallet


There wont be any synchronising/snapshot of mainnet to testnet anymore for shelley. As per current timelines, you will be able to stake in August on mainnet itself.

excellent, so I’m just going to wait quietly thank you very much

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Hi, in looking at the roll out plan it appears that the rewards for the ITN end on June 30th. Am I mistaken? Thanks!

Hi @Brad_Z
Rewards for ITN are currently set to run out in epoch 190 (so 5 days from now). The ITN network can still continue, and will be used (atleast) for snapshot until June 30th.

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Gotcha…thanks a lot!