Wallet lost, please help!

Hi, I need the help of the techical service. I had since an hour a nice working wallet (latest version installed on MacOS X 10.13.3). I withdrawed fund from Binance to my wallet with the right adress. The process was good, I can see it on the blockchain explorer. But my wallet was not updated. Following some advices I read on some topics, I deleted my wallet (making sure I have the paraphrase). Now, I re-installed the wallet and used the paraphrase to restore my funds. Unfortunally, only the first transaction done with the first wallet adress generated is showing up, all other transactions done with the further generated adresses are not in ! What I am doing wrong ? Thank you for your help.

Ok, after spending some hours on it, I managed to get back my account. What I did is to completelly delete the Daedallus software inclusiv the ~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus drawer. Before that I erased the wallet itself into the Daedallus app (be absolutelly sure to have the paraphrase, otherwise no way to get the monney back).
Then I downloaded one more time and installed Daedallus again. The synchronisation took some hours, then the wallet recuperation with the paraphase about 20 minutes. Now all transactions are there.
I really love your work guys, but please, don’t play with our earth like this :slight_smile: A working update for the app will be a good step forward I think.
Nice work anyways, keep going on !

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Very pleased you got it working ! @guibrush :smiley:

Thanks ! I was confident that the fund was not lost because the blockchain showed the transactions. But anyways, it was a little bit heart banging :slight_smile: Well, let’s hope that the team can figure out what the syncronisation problem is, but I’m pretty confident they will. After all, we speak about the famous Swiss quality :slight_smile:

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The developers (IOHK) are an international team with headquarters in Hong Kong, but it should be Swiss quality anyway! :slight_smile:

Yeah, probably the fact that I’m swiss too pushed me to claim this :slight_smile: Anyways, keep up the good work guys !

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