I downloaded the wallet. What is the next step

You need to buy some Ada on an exchange. Or you could have someone send you some.

Not financial advice. A wallet with out Ada doesn’t do much.

Thanks so much sir,
“Some ada” means minimum how much sir,

What’s you ADA address? I’ll send you some.

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Awesome @Adam_Parish is that offer to everyone :rofl: you must be swimming in ADA :swimming_man:‍♂ cool :metal:

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I’ve done it before - Yoroi Wallet First Use Impression

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Awesome and interesting :metal:



Thankyou very much
my address

Sent 5 :ada:

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received with thanks

hai sir,
synchronization of wallet completed. keeping some ada ( yours 5).

Is there any thing to do for rewards?

One-day on mainnet (hopefully) you can use Yoroi to stake with a stake pool operator.