Wallets disappear in Daedalus

Hello my Shelly wallet balances don’t show up in my Daedalus wallet upon starting Daedalus even if they did in the past. I’m presented with option to restore wallets with keywords. Is this normal? Can you pls help! Ps. I’m using the latest version of Daedalus.

When did u opened last time? Also did u updated to the latest version 4.1.0?

Yes, I updated earlier this week and after the install it was working. I again opened this morning my Daedalus and the wallets I have showed up for a second (without the full balance but showing transactions history) and then disappeared. I restated Daedalus a couple of times but it’s the same story → wallets appear with history but then disappear. Any clues or help? Thanks!

Hmmm, strange behavior indeed; being a new version maybe it is a bug, wait more time before take any actions… also u can contact the daedalus support team


Thank you. So I have been in touch with the help desk and I need to restore my wallets. I did that with my hot wallets using yoroi/adaleit and it worked well. Is restoring hardware wallet in yoroi/Adelit difficult? I haven’t done it previous and I’m just scared I will screw up. Any tutorials (cannot find anything re restoring hardware wallets)? Thanks!

aaa you have a hardware wallet?
and you will want to connect with daedalus?

Yes, I have a couple of operating Daedalus wallets for historical reasons and my main Ada is stored in hardware wallets. I restored the other ones in yoroi and they work i yoroi while Daedalus is still bugging. Helpesk told me to delete state directory and in the meantime use yoroi. So, since I have hardware wallet, I was thinking to gain access to my ADA using yoroi until Daedalus is fixed. I find Daedalus good but it’s quite heavy when each time I need to wait long to sync the chain. So the question I have now is 1/is it safe to use yoroi with hardware (I read some posts on the forum re stolen Ada) and 2/how to restore existing hardware wallet on yoroi? Or do you have other better and safe ideas ? Thank you!

daedalus or yoroi is the same, both are just an app which provide the access to your funds.
of course yoroi is safe, it is an official lilght wallet provided by EMURGO
to restore the hw wallet in yoroi

  • install yoroi: Yoroi - Light Wallet for Cardano
  • open yoroi extension
  • add wallet (shelley era)
  • connect ledger
  • and the wallet should open with your funds, remember that the FUNDS are still on ledger, yoroi only help you to access them

Thank you. I’m very sorry for asking so many questions but I’m really not that tech savvy. Your points are clear. However when I will have downloaded the extension of yoroi into my browser, I will need to use the language, select Byron or Shelly. This is all clear. So the only thing I choose is “connect to a hardware wallet” and follow the instructions. Right? Thanks you!

no problem, ask when u have doubts, yes connect to a hw wallet

So I am running into a similar issue as well. When the node loads I see my wallet and transaction history. I have confirmed my recovery phrase and I see the keys and addresses in settings. The moment it gets to 99.11% my wallet disappears and I have to “create”, “restore”, “pair”, “import” into 4.5.2

I go to restore I enter the phrase as its written down (it was confirmed in this same exact order successfully) and on step 3 of 3 it just says “error occurred” when I try to import that also errors out…so it exists till the node completes. I have all mine staked in a pool (should still be staked I havent moved any of it). Has anyone else had this issue with 4.5.2?

Yes I got the same issue here. Wallets appear while Daedalus is finishing syncing, and then the wallets go away. I’m being asked to restore them. Really annoying.