Want to join the ‘ HODL group’

The idea of the group is to use the power of the many to identify one coin now and again that’s worthy of some extra support, decided by a vote, then supported collectively.

It’s an interesting idea and seemingly more ethical than the pump and dump groups that plague crypto.

If you fancy joining the inner sanctum of this group,

I’ll be pushing for Cardano (and REQ) to be chosen by the group, perhaps more Cardano heads could help the cause?

I haven’t done much research on it yet and it’s only just started so I don’t know if it’s truely in the spirit that I hope or whether it’s just another pump and dump group in disguise. Either way sometimes it’s good to know the forces that are playing the market so you don’t get played yourself.

More people that join from the link will let me know the chosen coin 2 hours before everyone else, which I’ll happily share here for the Cardano community ( as seemingly this is against there rules ).

Here is the link …

Edit: ok seems like it’s just another pump and dump group, nothing special. Join if you want to see the inner workings of a pump group. It’s grouos like this that cause some coins to rise in price rapidly. Knowing which coins are being played can help you not get played yourself. Perhaps we could use this thread to share pumps so that people don’t get caught up in chasing something which is basically a false hope?

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I think this contibution to the forum is truly in harmony and alignment with cardano ha!

While Im not a very active trader, I love being a spectator, and who doesn’t like to trade now and then?

I am a firm "hodl"er, in that I put 30+% of my net income into Ada every week … but sometimes a person needs to earn more, or pay for things only available in fiat , so I think all of us “long term view” cardano citizens, could benefit occasionally .

That said, your post confused me a lot, until I got to the edit :stuck_out_tongue:

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