Warren Buffet clueless about cryptocurrency

I think it is through user experience that we will get mainstream adoption. This will happen when use-cases where people can use Ada on a daily basis becomes available. Examples are paying for commute (subway/uber), lunch or vending machines. The idea of digital currencies has been around for a long time in pop culture. There are numerous movies and TV shows that depicted peer to peer transfer of digital wealth–mostly futuristic SciFi. So people already expect that currencies will become completely digital one day. My point of view is how complex daily items like television, laptops, subway top-up cards, mobile phones, video streaming and even decentralized file sharing apps became common. When people can use it on a regular basis, it becomes familiar and you get less friction for adoption. Back end implementation becomes less and less important. You get the trust through reliability in daily use. Best way to sell a complex idea is to show how simple it is to use.