Watch Biden's Top Economic Advisor Struggle With A Simple Question

Biden’s top economic advisor (Jared Bernstein) seemingly unable to answer reporter’s question:
Why does the US government borrow when it prints all the money?

This guy is not stupid, rather he is afraid to answer as that would expose the scam:
The government doesn’t print money.
Rather the central banks print money out of thin air and then lend it to the US government at interest.

Charles knows that the people in the Biden administration fully understand how the scam works and that they know the adoption of cryptocurrency will put an end to it.

Charles feels we should vote Biden and friends out of office.

Linked here is a good overall view of how all the scammers work together.

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El Salvador’s president explains all the confusion in the following tweet.

For those interested in:

  • Deeply understanding the cartel of banks called The Federal Reserve
  • Knowing the method by which they print money from nothing and then lend it to the government at interest.
  • How the trillions they make by printing money is really just money taken from your savings without permission.
  • Learning what industrial complexes work for them to keep them in control of the money printer.
  • How and why they fund wars and cause famine all over the planet.

I recommend the following:

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