Watchdog Watchlist Week 3

Hi. Eysteinh from Cardano Watchdogs (CWD). As part of our mission statement ( we are tracking easy to find statistics on community growth over time in the Watchdog Watchlist (WW). This is for the third week of January 2019. Changes since last week is clarifying that transaction data is from last 7 days as not all of the coins have updates for the same days so we use the last 7 days worth of transaction as a way to compare.

In any case here is the WW for week 3:


Comments: Cardano shrinking on transaction is perhaps a good thing during a downmarket. Not many are selling. Reddit and twitter is growing albeit slowly compared with some of Cardano’s top 20 by market cap peers. Given how few followers Cardano have the growth rate has substantial room for improvement. The forums are increasing slowly and encouragingly users increased 2,6% this week.


Thanks for this. Can I suggest to improve the format of these reports? It’s very difficult to have a look at it and make sense of it.

  • Maybe you don’t need to track so many coins. ADA and some of the other top 5 is probably enough
  • A graph with a timeline would probably help understand this statistics better

I really like these reports. Thanks for putting them together.


Many here feel that we should only target companies and institutions for adoption and let the “trickle down” theory take over from there.

It didn’t work for the economy, why would it work for adoption of ADA? We should start with building the base of the pyramid (the 330 million population) , then the demand will force the companies in.

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Thank you all for feedback.

@Gabor_Peto I think it is a fair point. I might consider cutting the list to top 10 or something like that for next week. It would both ease my workload and also I can have more space for other statistics given that I want to limit myself to at most 2 easy to present pages.

@ZCryt0Knight Thanks appreciate you appreciating :slight_smile:

@Zenman Hope this is an ok answer - I think once you get a certain amount of people you gain more traction and this both means from a statistical point of view growth rates are easier at startup than say during a more later term of a company (or a cryptocoin for that matter). So to targeting the population so the demand is there and then companies will follow if I agree with this - absolutely. But these things are connected - population needs to be aware but they also need actual use cases.


Agreed on the utility aspect, AND the speculative market still has massive potential.

Thanks @Eystein_Hansen and @cardanowatchdogs