We need a HASKELL category

Suggestion for admins:

Please create a Haskell/Plutus category here. It should be a place where Haskell students could ask questions and learn from the more seasoned coders.

Cardano aims to train 10K Haskell programmers. If so we need a repository of information for Cardano-specific issues/questions.

Needless to say it will add to the sense of community and grow the ecosystem.

You are welcome.


Moved to Community Feedback.

Good idea, IMO!

We do already have a Plutus category: https://forum.cardano.org/c/developers/plutus

Does this work?


Didn’t know we had a Plutus category. I think we should have a Haskell category too or maybe combine the two.

Before we delve into Plutus I bet students would have to learn about Haskell first.

For example, I have questions about setting up my environment and I don’t want to spend 2+ hours watching a long video, which I am sure will lead to more questions.

Agree, if possible can you provide some tutorial too? it would be very helpful