We Need to Audit the Constitutional Committee Nomination process

I posted this to reddit today. TLDR; This whole process should be audited.

The 1694 Constitutional Committee nomination process is essential for upholding the democratic principles that should guide our community. Upon reviewing the list of nominees here, I feel compelled to express my concerns regarding the variety of nominees and the reliance on a single platform for the nomination process.

My main suggestion to improve the situation would be to involve an external organization to conduct a thorough audit of our nomination process. This way, we can ensure that it is both transparent and equitable for all participants. After all, with the technology at our disposal, there is no excuse for failing to guarantee a fair and open process.

Additionally, to foster a more decentralized governance structure, it is vital to extend the nomination process to various platforms, rather than just relying on Twitter, this forum, or any other closed platform. While Twitter is widely used, it would be more beneficial to include decentralized platforms like Mastodon in the process. By doing so, we can ensure a more inclusive and transparent nomination process that fairly represents the community’s diverse perspectives.

Although expanding the nomination process to multiple platforms might present challenges in consolidating responses, the benefits of inclusivity and fairness outweigh these difficulties. In order to maintain impartiality, it is necessary not to tip the scales by favoring one platform over another.

By addressing these concerns and working together, we can achieve a more democratic and decentralized governance system, creating a stronger and more resilient community for the future.