Webinar: Get Smart About Scandals: Past Lessons For Future Finance


The financial world is shaken at intervals by scandals or revelations involving activities which, although not strictly speaking legal, provoke a level of moral indignation.

So what defences can be set up to ensure that corruption and scandal are to be prevented or at least avoided? Since the banking crash of 2008 in particular, compliance has become a major issue. Transparency, in turn, has become a rather over-used word, but is still a valuable concept. Smart Ledgers should prove to be a workable system that will cast light into dark corners and will prevent the continuing existence of what are sometimes referred to as Old Spanish Practices. It will hopefully reinforce confidence in companies, the system, and financial centres, which is all to the public good.

Webinar slides can be found here: https://www.longfinance.net/events/all-events/get-smart-about-scandals-past-lessons-for-future-finance-2/

And the full report can be downloaded from this page: https://cardanofoundation.org/en/distributed-futures/