Webinar: The Economic Impact Of Smart Ledgers On World Trade


Smart Ledgers could conservatively result in approximately $35 billion in extra global trade on an annual basis, based on a range of assumptions regarding the potential cost savings and the respective trade transmissions. Assuming that the import savings costs are symmetrically replicated in terms of export savings, the global trade boost could rise towards $70 billion per annum.

The webinar examined the methodology and findings of the respective report and assessed the potential global economic impact of related technologies.

Webinar slides can be found here: https://www.longfinance.net/events/all-events/the-economic-impact-of-smart-ledgers-on-world-trade-2/

And the full report can be downloaded from this page: https://cardanofoundation.org/en/distributed-futures/


How does this research directly benefit the Cardano ecosystem?