Welcome to GNP1 Stakepool

Hi there and welcome to GrahamsNumberPlus1 Cardano Stakepool (Ticker: GNP1).

I am based in Yorkshire in the UK and have been a crypto enthusiast for many years. I began by interest in crypto with Bitcoin and Litecoin mining back in 2013 later shifting to Ethereum mining in 2016. More recently I have been following the Cardano project and have become very interested in the future growth and potential of the platform. It is for this reason that I became involved in the running of a Stakepool. While it has taken a few weeks to get this finalised my system is up and running and ready to contribute to the stability of the network and the goal of decentralisation.

I have been working in the forensic technology field for over 20 years and I am a specialist in eDiscovery and high technology investigations. With qualifications in Pure Mathematics and Computing I believe that the GNP1 Stakepool is in good hands if you choose to delegate your Cardano with us. As we grow I plan to expand my understanding and technical expertise in the Cardano Blockchain with my experience providing a sound basis for the successful application of the GNP1 Stakepool.

The GNP1 Stakepool is a hybrid system partly hosted on my own infrastructure with a second Relay being hosted on a server in the US. All systems utilise Ubuntu version 20.04 with high speed network connectivity, 8GB RAM, multi core CPU’s and SSD’s.

Please join me on this journey by visiting my website at https://grahamsnumberplus1.com or by delegating your ADA to GNP1. My fees are low at 0.5% and with the minimum 340 ADA in costs.

Thank you.

Wellcome! Goodluck with your pool!

Thanks - your help got me there

Thank you so much, it was really helpful for me too.

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