We'll know exactly how decentralized Cardano is

The University of Edinburgh is going to measure the decentralization of blockchain projects and provide this information through an index (EDI). It will start with Bitcoin and continue with other relevant projects, i.e. Ethereum, Cardano, etc. The Edinburgh Decentralization Index (EDI) may thus become the first relevant source of truth when it comes to the degree of decentralization of individual blockchain projects. This is very important, as ordinary people may have no idea how difficult it can be to compare the quality of decentralization between projects. Blockchain communities have endless arguments about which project is the most decentralized. This information is also useful for regulators who can make evidence-based decisions based on the index. EDI can give us a very precise answer to the question of how well Cardano is decentralized compared to other projects. How can it turn out?


Cardano is the most decentralized network in the top 10 when it comes to the number of significant nodes in the network (block producers) and the holders of the expensive resource. Decentralization of PoS networks has improved slightly over the last six months while Bitcoin decentralization has been steadily declining for roughly 10 years.

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