Wen Goguen, when Plutus, what SPOs do... anything?

Hi everyone. Two things:

Thing 1. when goguen and plutus initiatives launch is there anything that SPOs need to do to upgrade or prep in advance? Ive already upgraded my node software from 1.19.1 to 1.21.1 and this effort was straightforward. Wen goguen launches will there be any big efforts by SPOs or is it just another software upgrade?

Thing 2: along the same lines as above, if goguen requires little to no effort other a software upgrade will there ever be a point in the future where SPOs will have to more comprehensive maintenance then the usual software updates? Just trying to anticipate any challenges that i need to prep for, thanks in advance and as always…

Cheers and beers!

@ADAfrog Hey Kyle, I’d like to hear your perspective on this. Anyone else can chime in also. Thanks in advance.

Always anticipate change, always anticipate something new.

You will know when we know :wink: