What a presentation should look like?

Today i tried to listen to the livestream according to the 2nd Anniversary on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VnS-rHP6uM). Because of the bad quality it was almost completely impossible to follow it. Being able to listen to Charles has become a rare and therefore more valuable opportunity for me - and i bet also for many others. His partial withdrawal from social media is completely understandable to me. There were just too many idiots who blamed Charles for their own losses. Notwithstanding the fact that Charles neither made the prices nor made the decision to invest. Some of the comments i have seen were completely unacceptable. But it is a fact that Charles is still one of the best working horses for Cardano. How ever, his lectures are very valuable to the rest of us and should therefore be accompanied accordingly and professionally. Of course, this also applies to the other speakers. It is not a big effort to ensure a functioning video transmission. It’s just a matter of preparation. To broadcast an ununderstandable lifevideo in bad quality doesen’t help mass adoption at all. It draws a picture of unprofessionalism. The success of Cardano depends on the question whether mass adoption happens or not and notwithstanding the great technical advances the whole Cardano team is making. Presentation leads to intrest, trust and at least to adoption. That’s why presentation matters! So please my dear Cardano Team - keep this in mind and do better next time.

In order not to be misunderstood - my contribution was meant as a constructive criticism - I still love the Cardano project and admire the work of the team! :wink::+1:



For a project that prides itself on the professional development of a scientifically complex product, there are a few areas around communications that could be improved.

I’m not sure who organises these events. While Charles is obviously a regular, they aren’t really IOHK specific (except the IOHK Summit of course), so would think that the Cardano Foundation should be leading these events that are mainly about promoting the project.

p.s. Charles, I have noticed that since moving from your home office to your IOHK office for recent interviews, the quality of your sound has dropped off.