What amount is considered a significant ADA holding?

Hello friends. I have a doubt and I feel like debating with you on this issue:
Considering the supply of ADA, stake, etc. as well as other issues. From what amount would a considerable ADA holding be considered (100K, 300K, 500K, 1M, …) ??

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check out that site :


only about 1% of all the wallets got 1 mio or more ada.

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Avgering at about 559k, substantial amount is in definition of the holder as the human condition factors in. :vulcan_salute:

Ok. Thank you :+1:

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“Substantial” lacks context and it would be driven by parameters such as a person’s income/assets/liabilities, etc. A thing that might be of interest for you to look up is the SEC definition of an ‘accredited investor’ (https://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/accreditedinvestor.asp).

@josma, be happy if you are able financially to make that choice until millions of ada. Unfortunately most people dont have this choice​:sob::joy:. Today i was happy to buy 376 new ada​:smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. But the more ada you and other people bpuy, the better it is for cardano and it s Adoption.