What are the cons of Cardano?

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So back in the first bullrun of 2013, I became aware of bitcoin but was way to immature to realise the significance of this. When it bottomed out around $150 in 2014 and started making its slow ascent back up towards $1000 I have no idea where my head was in life but that was the opportunity of a lifetime. 2 Years working in a minimum wage job accumulating 40-50 bitcoin would now have me sitting pretty. Alas, I did not do that and I regret it dearly.

However! Another opportunity has presented itself and that is Cardano (aswell as many of the other alts). My plan is to accumulate as much cardano as I can under $0.50 in anticipation of the breakout above $1.30. My question today is, what are potential reasons leading to Cardano ending up on the pile of XXXXcoins that will inevitably accumulate over the next few years? Please include personal worries and concerns surrounding Cardano also.

The reason why I ask is because I also value a few other coins, but I would like to dedicate myself to one project and I like the professionalism that Cardano team are approaching this project. (yes I know it’s good to diversify, but that means absolutely XXXX all in these markets to be perfectly honest).

I would like an honest, mature, open, critical discussion please, so if you would like to solely praise Cardano, please stay out of this thread.

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It is never a good choice to go “all in” on one bet. Cardano still is a bet, not a security. What they promise is – as they will say – based on science and good craftmanship, That is why it will take its time to finish. HK is very convincing and very reasonable. There are obvously few reasons not to believe in his integrity. I do believe in his integrity. All in all, HK very much believes in science and Academia, and so the whole of Cardano is built upon that strategy.

But still, science can fail or not give the right answers. There are many examples in history. HK can be wrong, and so Cardano can fail. Nobody can give you a bullet proof answer on that question. In the end you can believe in it or not. And belief, unfortunately, is not really something belonging to the scientific world.

What are the cons of Cardano? I think the more relevant question is “What are the cons of being Alexsebastian?”

The fundamentals of this project are not a get rich quick scheme. But since you are wanting someone to hold your hand and help you improve your social economic status, I shall oblige.

The 4 easy steps to Alexsebaetians’ financial freedom:

Step One: Take right hand, reach under your skirt and grab your balls.

Step Two: Take $49,000 buy 790,000 ADA and transfer to your paper wallet created through Daedalus.

Step Three: Forget about Cardano. Live your normal, cry baby, sitting on the sideline, always worrying about the past life.

Step Four: Wait for my email indicating that Cardano has returned to all time highs and congratulating you on becoming a millionaire.

YoU aRe WeLcOmE :slight_smile:


I can give you more reasons to buy some Ada than I can give you to not buy some Ada, but lets be clear there is a substantial amount of risk in investing in any crypto at this point. With that said I think diverting part of your income to buy Ada while it is cheap is not a stupid thing to do. As with any investment however don’t bet what you can’t afford to loose. The time horizon on payback may take years as well so prepare to HODL for a while. I would also encourage you to get involved with the project on some level. Blockchain technology will change the world, meet people, work on stuff, expand your mind about new possibilities for yourself and others, regardless of whatever happens to the price of Ada this is how you will become wealthy.