What are the different between Plutos, Marlowe and Glow?

Hi Community,

While reading the Cardano documentation, I had come across this page.

It had three different ways of writing smart contracts in Cardano. Plutos, Marlowe and Glow.


  1. Why there are three-way of writing smart contracts? What are the pro and cons?
  2. As a developer myself, how would I know which one I need to choose for my project. It seems like three of them can be used to build a smart contract for Daap.

Any thought? Cheers.

Fantastic question! I have the same one, and I am saddened to not see a response on here. The reason for this reply is to hopefully get this question noticed. OP if you have found an answer somewhere else please post it here or send me a link. Thanks!!

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I found this useful thread: What is the difference between Plutus (Marlowe) and Glow? - Cardano Stack Exchange