What are the greatest problems at cardano at the moment?

I really like the scientific approach to discuss and I am no fan of ideology and maximalism. That is also a reason why I am now here at cardano and why I am interested and excited about this project.

I can contribute to cardano in multiple ways. But what are the biggest issues or problems cardano have at this time?

I would be very happy about many replies with different opinions or solutions to existing problems.

Hello and welcome @xcatpc

Imo the most difficult part is the decentralized governance. There are already some threads and workshops on this topic, so if you are interested you can join those working groups.


We have a standardised document called the Cardano Problem Statement (CPS) where developers, stakeholders and community members can contribute such things & start working on practical solutions (which generally take the form of CIPs, or Cardano Improvement Proposals):

CIP-9999: Cardano Problem Statements

Here are the ones currently submitted: