What causes one stake pool to earn more rewards than another?

I recently received a spreadsheet with the end results of the ITN. Several items were listed as considerations for choosing a stake pool. The items were Return on Stake (ROS), Fixed Tax, Variable Tax, Total Blocks, and Epochs Active.

The author gave the impression that Taxes did not have a serious impact on ROS. Therefore, that leaves only Total Blocks and Epochs Active. However, I found some pools with lower Total Blocks and/or Epochs Active produced higher ROS. WTF?

What does a delegator need to evaluate before delegating ADA? There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for higher ROS.

@247earnings I’ve been listening to BigPey on YouTube. He set up his videos to help us learn all the answers to these questions. IDK if this is ok policy wise in the forum, but here’s a link
Hope it’s helpful for you. :smiley: :v:t4:

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Thanks Melanie. It was helpful.


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@247earnings Well, that’s great to hear. You’re welcome :blush: