What did you do recently to "promote" Cardano?

I got up in the morning, turned on my computer and started working. Best way to promote Yoroi is to keep writing new features :+1:


I am known as the Cardano guy at my local BeerCoin meeting. Play with a Tangem card to elicit curiosity and endlessly reply to « Cardano is a scam » gimmick. Translate content and Sebastian’s team Yoroi in French.


There are two of us crypto-interested in our department at work. He is a speculator and I am a hodler. Sometimes, we discuss what’s new in the subject of Cardano. The rest ignore or mock. We don’t care. They will be ready and listened to as the topic matures. :wink:


I was in Singapore for a few weeks and helped12 people install Yoroi then transferred some ADA to each of them.
It’s bad luck to give someone a wallet with nothing in it. : )


That’s a great tradition, I have to remember.


Where Im from there is a thing called an attaboy, when you do something right you get one. The current version is a pat on the shoulder and a thank you. More than enough in my opinion but I thought maybe attaboy could be an adaboy in some circumstances. Tangem cards seems like the logical way to go. I have not put this into practice yet.


I recently made a micro loan on Kiva https://www.kiva.org/team/cardano_community/recruit I hope that we as a community are seen on that platform acting out as who we portray our community to be, we want to make a difference in the world, we want to bank the unbanked, we want to be a part of improving the world, imo our community will not reach our goals untill after Shelley is fully realized and Goguen is in full swing and debate on the structure of Voltaire is completely decentralized, but why should we wait? We can all come together on existing platforms and change the world now a little, as we wait for the full force of the platform to be in affect I believe together we can make change that none of us will regret.
There is power in numbers, I hope you all come join us on Kiva and be a part of the Pre Shelley team making a difference NOW in the world.


I just joined the Cardano team on Kiva.


I have given away 2 Tangem cards to date, and carry 1 for the sole purpose of onboarding someone I meet that shows interest.
Glad to see you on Kiva! :octopus::octopus:


That is a great idea to get people into crypto.

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Cardano propaguji u svých přátel.

Memes, memes, memes.
They all stay somewhere online.



:cowboy_hat_face::+1:: Great ani - very funny! :joy:

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Yep - out of the sun but sooner or later to the moon :wink:

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Bringing up crypto doesn’t really resonate in my mom group yet, so I started using Twitter. Seems to be going well so far! I’ll keep finding better ways to talk to my mom friends, nobody likes to hear a research paper at a play date :yum: Thanks for reminding me to load up my Tangem card!


Yes, I’ve had the experience that memes actually work. :ok_hand:

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Bumping this thread again: I have now made it a habit to ask in new restaurants if I can pay with ada while waving my Tangem card. :sunglasses:


That’s a great idea!

I mentioned this in another thread somewhere. But a friend of mine bought me a Chinese take away meal. I didn’t have the money so paid by giving him a tangem card loaded with ₳200.

I will have to find a way to get the name Cardano out there.


We recently put out a Cardano 101 Article. (link https://medium.com/indracryptocapital/cardano-ada-101-611a38b6ed0f)

And plan on doing a lot more in the area.

We made it much easier to understand Cardano!


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