What does it costs to delegate to a pool?

What does it costs to delegate…?
The minimum is 3000ADA but is this what it costs.?
For over weeks iam into cardano videos, charles’s videos, cardona foundation videos… its getting slightly understandable… but pools are a bit into the stars for me… staking i understand… but what is the purpose of pools…??

Hello @SergeDutchADA, welcome to the community!

is free.

You must have this amount to have voting power in Project Catalyst, but that is not delegating (the exact amount is currently 2 950 ada).

The purpose of the pools is to participate in the consensus. It is where delegates delegate their participation. This means that even if you do not have the time or resources to run a stake pool, you can still delegate your ada to another pool operator and have it staked on your behalf.

This is an excellent compendium of articles on the subject, where you can find a lot of interesting information:

About Cardano Staking - A compilation of Contents and Resources


The purpose of the pools is to keep the chain running. Every pool owner has a server that produces blocks for the community, and by pledging to that pool the pool owner shows that they are serious and investing their money in it (proof of stake)
By staking you as an owner of ADA are “voting” on a pool you think is serious, which will give that pool a higher chance of contributing to minting blocks, and rewarding the pool owners for their work&investment. :slight_smile: