What happened here?


The Recieving address is mine.


The TX # is 6b42fe4888ecd5d4e286c33c54035b2e97672aa277fe3cd92523e30be7596361

It never arrived in wallet. anyone have any ideas? Sender was using a cardano staking platform. did I get Scammed?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance !

Maybe you received them but they are staked? Did you check that?

I dont know how to check…Also , they were sent to Binance US address…, so im not sure wth happened…

Binance > Finance > Binance Earn

this is the binance address? if yes then when the transaction was performed? exchanges sometimes are delaying the transactions… in the past I waited 4 days to receive the funds on exchange wallet

iohk says transaction # was unsuccessful…its had 100’s of block confirmation tho…tx # doest have my binance addy tho…concerning…was told it did a swap like harmony one an Ox…probably got scammed…

what do you mean you was scammed, you sent ADA from your wallet? to who?

According to that TX in CardanoScan, 3456 ADA were sent from:




If you don’t own the last address, then you don’t own the ADA! How did this happen? You were supposed to receive ADA in exchange of what?

I dont own last address…sender said ada did like harmony one an switched it from my binance addy to ox …screenshot says it was sent to my DD…SJ addy…but iohk says transaction didnt even go through i dunno wtf…
he " sent " because he had it staked for me…

I cannot find any useful traces that leads back to your ADA unfortunately.

You can stake your ADA yourself, and be in total control of your assets, no need to let other people to do it for you!

I have the process explained at my staking pool: https://www.cardanoreserve.com/

Who is that guy who sent you the screenshot? Do u know him? Do u trust him?
Screenshots can be modified in photoshop

Appreciate the help guys, an gals, The sender is supposed to be joining us here in the forum to help figure it out…