What happens if I remove some ADA after committing to stake?


In epoch 264, I staked X amount of ADA, which would only be active in epoch 266.

It is now epoch 265.

  1. What happens if I decided to remove 1 or 2 (let’s call it Y) ADA from my current wallet, before the stake becomes active?
  2. Would my stake become invalid?
  3. Would anything happen to my stake?

Or would it be that my stake would become just X-Y?

If u stake x amount in epoch 264 then in epoch 266 u staked x amount
Now if u remove y from the wallet then starting with epoch 267 ur stake amount will be x-y


I’m confused with your answer, Alex.

So, removing Y before epoch 266 wouldn’t affect the fact that before epoch 266, my wallet would already be X-Y, and not X?

Note that the staking hasn’t started, but I already committed to it, as in, I’ve already made a transaction to stake X.

I’m kinda confused here.

U know at the beginning of each epoch a snapshot is performed right?

now in epoch 264 u delegated X amount… at the begining of epoch 265 a snapshot was performed which will be used for epoch 266

So in epoch 266 u will have X amount delegated even if in epoch 265 u removed funds from the wallet…

Now if u remove in epoch 265 Y amount from the wallet, at the beginning of epoch 266 another snapshot will be performed (in the wallet will have X-Y amount) which will be use for epoch 267

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Thanks Alex.

So, I’m now clear on what happens in epoch 266 and 267.

Would my stake become invalid then?
Or the staking would go ahead in 266 with X, and in 267, it would be X-Y?

If u remove Y in epoch 265 then yes, x for epoch 266 and x-y starting with epoch 267

Remember that any action of the funds (add/remove) will be reflected in active stake after 2 snapshots (2epochs)

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