What happens to 19 billion other tokens?

Hi guys,

Just have a quick question. So I know that a 26 billion coins were distributed in the 2 year long ICO. Now, what happened with the rest of them? Who is selling the coins? Are bittrex given some coins to sell to buyers?

They will be distributed to stakers after the bootstrap era ends. The schedule for that hasn’t been published yet, but should be available before the bootstrap era ends.


Just to be clear, they will be distributed slowly during a long period of time, not at once. They’ll form a part of staker’s rewards.

I expect them to taper off like Bitcoin issuance and stakers will rely on transaction fees more and more until they only get them.

You can read about the current era we are in here. https://cardanodocs.com/timeline/bootstrap/
The documentation for the reward era has been removed as it’s probably still a wip. The reward era should start at some point in the next 6 months. At that stage people who hold ADA will be able to stake their coins to earn block rewards and help secure the network. You should read up on Cardanos POS system Ouroboros here

Think of POS as mining for ADA. The 19 bil coins are the future block rewards for securing the network. This will play out over decades like Bitcoin mining.

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