What have we stumbled into?

I’ve researched and studied many many hours over this and the community. Until Jan. 2019, I thought I knew what this movement was all about and was excited. I’ve invested a fair amount. Until recently I was completely unaware of exactly how big of a shift our world is about to see. 99.9% of us to this point don’t know the point in history we are at. We are living in a century long + movie that is in the final scene. Wow just wow how incredibly lucky we took a step in faith, and ignored the nay sayers. This worlds best times are ahead of us. See ya on the other side, friends. Take care our our elders and show the children our compassion, and embrace our differences.


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Hi. I’m new to crypto. I’ve done my fair share of research recently and identified Cardano as a project that is worth investing in. There is a possibility of a huge shift in global economy in upcoming years, however I wouldn’t get my hopes too high. There are a lot of factors influencing the economy and even though Cardano might be the best long term prospect, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will succeed. As Copernicus stated “bad money drives out good” - so I wouldn’t be all in. Have a plan B.

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I was where you are now, research more or just know your gut is sooo right on most


I always love your posts Kevin!

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Are you as old as your profile picture, lol. Your posts seem to come from a very wise man, which I enjoy very much. I can’t agree more with your vision. This movement has grown way out of control of governments and money makers.


I have to disagree with you there, Kev. However, I see Cardano helping in a big way.


An old book mentioned 1000 years of peace :flushed::eyes::grin: