What is the best nickname for fans of Cardano's Ada?

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Lovelace …

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Lovely :-).


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ADApters was chosen.

TeamAda is a good nickname for me:)

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By you… :rofl:

Nope. Not at all. By EMURGO.
You have such a bad image of me.
Wandering where it is coming from…

I guess you over-estimate my Power.

I’m an amateur historian… :grin:

But glad to see history does not seem to be repeating itself here… so far… :smile:

And as a good Buddhist, yesterday and tomorrow dont even exist.
All that matter is now.
So enjoy now!

Don’t you believe in the future of Cardano? :smile:

What I need to believe in is the community. And some of us are pretty “lazy” … Waiting for it to happen. Watching with popcorn.

My dream is to see all active members posting videos like I do. Involving themselves more than replying tweets or posts. That’s better than nothing but we wont go far like this.

This is why I give so much importance in Polls. We need the voice of the community much more than what we have now. The IOCFEM need to ask the community much more than they do at the moment. Where are the ideas (good or bad) where are the activists ? Where is the genius in us ?

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