What takes it to make it to the plutus pioneers program?


I am a college computer science student and have applied to plutus pioneers program thrice since the last 3 months , but I never hear back from them. I wanted to know what type of backrgound do they look for when it comes to selecting people for this.
Thanks everyone!

These cohorts dont run too often, the last one started late January. So I dont think they are not selecting you but that they have not gotten that far in the process of the next cohort. My recommendation would be to keep on eye on the IOG server IOG's Technical Community for any updates to the PPP. It does benefit you if you have some exposure to Haskell, and have been introduced to Plutus. If you wanted to lighten your load while attending PPP I would also recommend watching the previous cohort on YouTube to get familiar with it. :grin:

I decided to learn haskell and plutus outside of the PPP and have also gone through the Youtube videos. Thanks for information.