What's going on with the price?



Whales? Or maybe someone had to buy ADA at that price to fulfill the order. Too bad the action was excluded.


This exchange has an unusually high usd price for a number of coins. Probably an anomaly.

You know bithumbb was hacked (still trading) and the withdrawals are blocked, right? #safu

These hacks happen on almost daily basis… it seems like ages ago. Long enough that I forgot!

Price will rise as BTC starts to rise, worrying about rice at this stage is unproductive, buying more ADA at these cheap prices makes more sense. Success of ADA is a long haul, hodlers will be fine in time.

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there is now galapagos . no deposit no withdraw .
whale easily can control price .

Hi, I’m not sure about that, maybe short term control yes but not in the future, people are already working to stop this happening. Its been a while since I have heard of the Galapagos Syndrome :stuck_out_tongue:
For those that dont know what it is, this link may help explain:


I think the ‘short sellers’ honeymoon will soon be over