What's the News with the Exchange (s)?

I usually use WorldCoinIndex to get a quick glimpse of the market action for ADA (I like how they have the pulsing green or red for buys and sells). Anyway, I’m noticing after several hours away from my trading station that W.C.I. is showing exceptionally low volume on Bittrex, no volume whatsoever on Gate.io and Binance is no longer even present on their list of active exchanges for ADA.
Any insight into the situation is much appreciated. In the meantime, I’ll check around some other sites and try to dig up some clarifying information.
Thanks and best regards to you,

I have active binance chart open showing a current depth of 11,000 Ada in the ether market … so i think your aggregator is maybe skewed … Granted that is a small volume lol.

It is definitely slow trading out there for a lot of these hard to get coins , probably due to the overall market uncertainty (not Ada, just crypto)

Sorry , did not notice binance is effectively offline ATM. It is allowing trading but no deposits or withdrawals until 2/9/18

“It’s quiet; too quiet” Moved to wallet to sit out what’s looking like a round of heightened (necessary, overdue?) scrutiny of the exchange operators. Hopefully your exchange comes out of this process stronger and with better volume. Thanks for replying!

No problem man. … yeah I think it is always better to hold on a wallet… that said , binance is operational on schedule ! :slight_smile: