When Crypto will start living 2nd life?

Hi there

In last few years so many global events and Crypto looked like very shakeable market.

I see now gov is trying to regulate crypto, that is why exchanges faces many problem.

When do you think all these govs intervention will over and crypto projects will start living normal lifes without price being shaken a lot? I think after CBDC failure it should over, but I agree that crypto must be regulated to avoid scams, money laundering and so many other things.


The people you see in “government” today (who should be recognised as distinct from their associated countries & people) will never stop trying to regulate crypto. Keep in mind that when they say “regulate” it means an obscure process intended to destroy (rather than regulate) all but chosen vested interests: in this case, traditional finance and the banks.

The people in the world have a lot of work to do in getting rid of these influences. The idea that elected governments are empowered to appoint these “regulators” is being reassessed by many people and groups intent on self-determination.

As soon we can accomplish this, i.e. removing practically all the politicians who have held power in the last 3 years or so, the economic stability and promise of cryptocurrencies will be realised as a matter of course.


You probably mean that they always will seek finance to be centralized by them?

They will try to find incentives or create fake incentives which will leed them with lable like “People funds must be safe” or “This is better for money antilaudering”, so now we must to “regulate”.

But from other side, govs will never be something not related with financial systems, so I hope there will be democratic solution for entire world without being in kind of theirs “money jail”.

I saw this problem few years ago, that is why I sold out all my crypto and put money on stables coins, but I am happy people even now see this problem. Now I see crypto will only succeed after central bank collapse - it will be very difficul period for most of people and money wont be a priority at all.