When this Simpson movie was made?


As we know Simpsons already predicted many technologies in a past. They are also talking about cypto in this video, I am not fan of Simpsons, just want to ask those who knows when this seria was made?

Uh that is funny. :joy:
This episode was made at the beginning of 2020. Its in season 31 the episode 13 “Frinkcoin”.

So there the public already knew what cryptocurrencys are and how you can pay with it. That isnt any future prediction its technology from the present!

The picture in the end where bart write the sentence on the chalkboard, its a fake i think. Since the first episode bart is only writing in capital letters and the last sentence ends where he is writing, not below. So i would say that video is only a marketing thing from/for Ripple.

In my own opinion i would say its a scam video, because if they say that this was a correct prediction of the simpson its wrong and the picture in the ending where they are predict a price → somehow scam or market manipulation for me.

But fascinating is that in this episode are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and one that i dont know mentioned by there symbols.

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ok, you are right about last sentence. Many XRP moon boys expect XRP will moon shot after the lawsuit. There are many rumors about cross border payments, because current swift system is outdated. Also the european central bank big bang migration is comming, it will be interesting to watch it.

World elite banks testing digital dollar, euro and Yuan, but they understand that people will trust more crypto currencies than these goverments currencies.