When we design a product, we must understand the social an political impact, and not only the tech interactions

> When we create a currency, no matter how much technology and innovation there is, if there is no social and political analysis of how that currency can evolve and be used by the masses, it will never succeed.

we should see the case of bitcoin, and the two main reasons why it is failing.

  • Difficult scalability
  • Difficult to be accepted by the states.

In terms of scalability the cardan is developing very positively.
But what about the political and social question?
What kind of discussion is there?

A stateless currency, would automatically entail the end of the state …
the end of taxes and thereby the end of all state protection … chaos!!
This is interesting at the anarchist level, but it will never be acceptable to the masses.

How is the cardano coin evolving to allow for some form of regulation?
is there any tools, that a government could use?

This should be part of the design of the coin”

Example of a way to allow some regulation without loosing descentralization.

We could have “non-anonymous” wallets certified by third parties?
_For example, I submit my ID and certify a wallet _
(can be certified by the government or a certification company).
In case of litigation, a court could request that information to the certification company.

this would allow countries to adapt their legislation to crypto currency.
(would solve the scams problems, the money laundry and fight tax evasion)

Something similar exists on websites, when I visit a “secure” website and click on the padlock, it appears that this site is certified by company xxxx. This gives me some security in using this site.

So would these wallets.
If I send cardano to a wallet …
would appear something like this (wallet certified by xxxxxxx)
I would know that in case of litigation or fraud i could ask a court to verify the true owner of that wallet.

Non-certified anonym wallets would still exist…we would only have the choice to have an certified wallet or stay with an anonym wallet.

I would love to see more discussion about the social, political and economy interaction.