When will Cardano 1.4 be released?

  • By December 15th
  • By December 31st
  • January 2019
  • February 2019

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People are too optimistic imo. Late Q1 is a reasonable expectation. After all better to get it right and and release a few months late than to release a half baked product… Cough Cough EOS Yuck


expectations have been managed by IOHK that shelley would be released in q1 2019, if this is to happen then 1.4 should be coming out sooner rather than later

market will heavily punish any company thats misses projected milestones in time or quality, this could be even more painful for oganisation that the market believes is already a little slow to put into action it’s ambitions

if the market is too optimistic then it usually follows that the price is too


2.0 (previously 1.4) was finished weeks ago and is now under QA, undergoing testing and minor bug fixes. I’m willing to bet 50 ADA that the public release will be done before December 15 23:59 GMT if someone reputable takes me up on the offer. :grinning:


That said, 2.0 isn’t the be-all and end-all of Cardano, it’s just a hugely improved version of the current software in terms of underlying design and code quality. We should have had this in the first place, a year ago.


I will take you up on that.

I believe we will have 1.4 in December but I am willing to take the opposite side of the wager just for fun!



grabs popcorn, in all seriousness tho, december would be great!


Excellent, deal!

Condition is that Daedalus with 2.0 (= 1.4) is released either on the website or via automatic upgrade and can be used on mainnet by that time and the official announcement is made by IOHK or CF.


Sounds good! You better reserve that 50ADA now… before it goes up to $10 :smiley:

There’s a problem I’d love to have! :smiley:

I can see it being delayed, but I think if IOHK sticks to the November - December release date, then they will want to release before Christmas, since employees might go offline for that.

Good thesis. I would wager that, as it often happens in software development, some last minute glitch will throw a monkey wrench into the release schedule.

That would make IOHK work overtime to deliver the product before December 15th.

Depending on the complexity of the glitch, the new version (2.0) may release in December before Christmas or get pushed to January.


go go go…wager wager…bet the odds of time and release schedule…:rescue_worker_helmet::mag_right:

In mid-November Charles indicated in one AMA or interview it would be released by the end of November or early December. Then a few days later in another video he said 4 to 6 weeks. Second time around he was perhaps hedging his bet on the basis of new information. I was hoping now but my guess is by the end of December, our Christmas present. I think a lot of other developments are dependent on getting this out.

If Cardano 2.0 does not launch in December, what do you think will be the ADA price in january-february 2019?

By now – well, that is if you’ve been following the project for a long time – you should know that developments and other news items influence the price of Cardano not in the slightest. You wanna know how ADA is doing --> you follow Bitcoin, and more or less it’s that but 5 orders of magnitude smaller. Releases, setbacks, partnerships etc. don’t really budge ADA’s price.


Yes it supposed to be, but as they said it has a poor design in general, for that in my opinion I really think it was a Very good move from engineering!
To start from scratch providing a more reliable, correct software for a wallet! Based on formal method
This move consumed time but excellent decision in my opinion


Well this was fun…I think I just won! :slight_smile:

You may send my 50ADA to @rickymac and his partner at The Cardano Effect. Their ADA tip jar is given below their video here (sorry couldn’t copy it on my phone)


LOL, thanks @ZCryt0Knight that is so funny and generous. I am glad to see I am not the only one throwing 50 Ada bets around. I had a bet going with bullish for 50 Ada that Parsons would resign by October 1 and lost it, but we all won on that bet.


I think we all won this bet as well! Great confidence boost getting it done in Dec as planned.


Nice job! … let’s see, looking forward to it

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Sent! I’ll get ya next time! :wink:

I won these ADA on one of @rickymac’s contests originally, so it seems we’ve come full circle, that’s pretty great.