Where are the public and private keys located in Daedalus?


Under which tab are the public and private keys? Thanks.


The public key is shown in the Receive tab. I don’t know whether the private key is accessible but I’m guessing not.


If I am correct, the recovery phrase (12 words) generates the private key.


That makes sense. :slight_smile:


It defaults to this location

C:\Users\ “YourUserName” \AppData\Roaming\Daedalus\Secrets-1.0


Not very safe Maybe? Or am i wrong…? If the computer it s hacked it s game over…
Hum… Or I am missing something? Maybe the best way its to delete and generate the wallet everytime?


The file is encrypted so the hacker can’t do so much with it


I have my 12 word phrase, but how do i get my private key? Still no answer…


Your private key is (encoded in) your 12 word phrase. That’s it.