Where can I learn more about hardware?

Is there any kind of guide or starting place for learning about computer hardware? I’m looking to build my own PC and want to know the differences between CPUs and what makes graphics cards different etc etc
https://appsync.biz/speed-test/ https://appsync.biz/scrabble-word-finder/

Google “how to build a PC”

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What you are looking for is in the CompTIa A+ course material. (This is entry level material, so if you require something more specific you should let us know).


You can download the study material from the site if i recall correctly. It’s a good course in the sense that it will allow you to learn about hardware, but also how the hardware operates and communicates with the rest of an ecosystem.

Bonus: you can take the exam to get certified.

Good luck mate.


in terms of performance one of the best tools i’ve been using for decades is the passmark repository, search any cpu or gpu model followed by the term passmark and you’ll get a standardised score relative to all other cpus/gpus

if you ignore all the marketing and hype and focus just on the passmark numbers you’ll get the best bang for your buck


Lots of great general info about what each part does and whatnot under the colored tier-table.