Where did the ADA come from?

I am certainly missing something here but as far as I know the initial investors could only redeem their vouchers (for ADA) via the Daedalus wallet

Looking at the Daedalus version history the earliest public release appears to be Daedalus 0.9.0 which was made available on 8th March 2018

So if this was the first opportunity that the initial investors had a chance to redeem their vouchers for ADA then where did all the market liquidity come from prior to the 8th of March?

Were earlier versions of daedalus available and they’ve just dropped off from the zendesk site? That would make sense

If there are any of the initial voucher holders about I’d love to know when you first had the opportunity to redeem your vouchers, surely it was around the time when ADA was first traded on exchanges, ie early November 2017?

I first used Daedalus in Dec '17, don’t know which version that was though.

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then 0.9.0 couldn’t of been the first public release which was the assumption i made based on what was available on the zendesk site

the earlier versions must of just dropped off the zendesk site due to a lack of pagination

thanks for clearing that up RobJF

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