Which Pool Make the Most?

I wondering, after we run stake pool for about 9 months.
Which pool / pool group make the most income? Exclude Exchange and IOHK.
Any idea who? and how much ADA they get?
I see that Bloom from Bloom one alone made around 200K ADA, and SPS, produce almost the same with Bloom.

The average expected amount of ADA can be calculated using this calculator:
Cardano Reward Calculator - Dynamic Strategies

Not sure about your reason for the question.
On everage each pool gets the same rewards if it has the same Operator Fee, Margin, Pledge and Active Stake.

  • more Stake > more Margin based income
  • more Operator fee > more Fixed income
  • more Pledge > minimal higher Rewards Share
  • more Margin > more Margin based income
  • FINALLY > more Luck, more income (not on average but for 1 individual pool)

To find the one which was most profitable over a time period you need to calculate rewards for each one individually. As an approximation you can order by

  • Active Stake * Margin
  • Then compare the 10 biggest with the Calculator.

Not to fortget:
If a pool misses a block there are no rewards. Hard to consider that in a theretical calculation.

Taking a look on ADA Pools it seems to be easy to find the one.
Those LEO Pools are defined with 20% margin!

This pool alone should generate an approximate income of approx 50k ADA / month.
Not really understand why someone delegates to a 20% margin pool.
But there are 8 similar pool registered.

So I think (except of exchanges) this is the Pool Group which generates most profits currently

My question is at this point which pool make the most reward For example: Pool XYZ Made ADA 100,000

I think I answered that question with the previous post :wink: