Whirl_Pool needs Test-ADA

Dear all

Is there anybody, wo likes to delegate so some Test-ADA to Our Testnet Pool

Ticker: Wpo
Currently ranked aß 237 from 837 aktive pools in testnet.

IT will be refreshing!

We like to succeed with Our test Phase before we go to Mainnet.
Even with an uptime of > 99.9 % we minted no Block until now.

Tanks in advance,


The stake of 22K ADA is just too small to expect to get the leader slot regularly.
I just delegated some tADA to your pool but it will take 2 epochs until they are redelegated.

Hi mcrio,

Your Support is very much appreciated!

Generating ada with faucet is a bit Hard but now we Arena looking forward getting a Block leader for the first time in one of the next epochs ( after current epoch +1).

Thank you!

Just delegated 10M tADA to the cause. Should get you producing.

Hi Benagain,

it’s great, that we have positive feedback for our tada-issue! We are really excited now, when to expect our first block!