Who could post the connect-to-mainnet script contents?

it’s generated by running
nix-build -A connectScripts.mainnetWallet -o connect-to-mainnet
which requires a nix package manager beeing installed, which my platform lacks of. Thanks in advance.
Experiences with locally installing a nix as a user, just for the purpose of building those scripts and config files anybody?
I have seen people create shellscripts to create some of the required yaml configs. Not so happy about the builder components employed, since they are often unknown.

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More about Technical Support request than Development related, from my point of view. Maybe this part of the forum has the more technology focused visitors.
Stuck with

04:45> nix-build --show-trace -A connectScripts.mainnetWallet -o connect-to-mainnet
error: while evaluating anonymous function at /home/cardano/src/cardano-sl-fresh/default.nix:4:1, called from undefined position:
while evaluating anonymous function at /home/cardano/src/cardano-sl-fresh/pkgs/default.nix:5:1, called from /home/cardano/src/cardano-sl-fresh/default.nix:31:19:
while evaluating the file '/home/cardano/src/cardano-sl-fresh/lib.nix':
while evaluating the attribute 'builder' of the derivation '61fbdb47a69f78998f55207e64122a0798047b5d.tar.gz-unpacked' at /home/cardano/src/cardano-sl-fresh/fetch-nixpkgs.nix:10:3:
path '/bin/bash' is not in the Nix store, at /home/cardano/src/cardano-sl-fresh/fetch-nixpkgs.nix:11:13

How comes that “path ‘/bin/bash’ is not in the Nix store” that seems to be concerns about nondeterministical built results?
/bin/bash exists, but none of the *.nix files from this trace output mentions it. The closest is fetch-nixpkgs.nix featuring “builder = builtins.storePath nixcfg.shell;” My assumption nixcfg.shell = ‘/bin/bash’ but the details are still fuzzy, have read too much nix documentation which is overwhelmingly time consumptive. A new programing language.
From nix-env -i bash-4.4-something there are a lot of entries left inside ~/nix/store/-bash and even a bin/bash that according to ldd output is runable, tested bash --version and it answers.

Yes it does, the CTS category is for ordinary users, most of whom won’t even know what “compilation” means!

Sorry you’ve had no response though! Apart from me… :blush:

Does this help you? https://pastebin.com/cidx2RhD

Here’s mine after build on Linux…


if [[ "$1" == "--delete-state" ]]; then
  echo "Deleting state-wallet-mainnet ... "
  rm -Rf state-wallet-mainnet

echo "Keeping state in state-wallet-mainnet"
mkdir -p state-wallet-mainnet/logs

echo "Launching a node connected to 'mainnet' ..."
if [ ! -d state-wallet-mainnet/tls ]; then
  mkdir state-wallet-mainnet/tls/
  /nix/store/jn350na5wcshwsixpq1wbskdp7r3x0r3-openssl-1.0.2l-bin/bin/openssl req -x509 -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout state-wallet-mainnet/tls/server.key -out state-wallet-mainnet/tls/server.cert -days 3650 -nodes -subj "/CN=localhost"

/nix/store/k1aa4d2riraz6nx3zqhsanasjpfhhhc3-cardano-sl-wallet-1.0.3/bin/cardano-node                                     \
  --no-ntp                                                       \
  --configuration-file /nix/store/vqyfgdg7i3hdh3q8zp0xx3nrzgja4525-cardano-config/configuration.yaml         \
  --configuration-key mainnet_full     \
  --web                                           \
  --tlscert state-wallet-mainnet/tls/server.cert           \
  --tlskey state-wallet-mainnet/tls/server.key             \
  --tlsca state-wallet-mainnet/tls/server.cert             \
  --log-config /nix/store/vqyfgdg7i3hdh3q8zp0xx3nrzgja4525-cardano-config/log-config-qa.yaml                 \
  --topology "/nix/store/vqyfgdg7i3hdh3q8zp0xx3nrzgja4525-cardano-config/topology.yaml"                      \
  --logs-prefix "state-wallet-mainnet/logs"                               \
  --db-path "state-wallet-mainnet/db"                                     \
  --wallet-db-path 'state-wallet-mainnet/wallet-db'        \
  --keyfile state-wallet-mainnet/secret.key                               \
  --wallet-address               \
  --ekg-server --metrics                            \
  +RTS -N2 -qg -A1m -I0 -T -RTS                                    \
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